The World According to Bertie


This is an extraordinarily talented cast, and they shine from the moment the play begins. Even when elements of the narrative feel slightly stretched, or underdeveloped, the cast are able to manipulate the material into something which keeps the audience in the palm of their talented hands from the outset.

thepublicreviews ****

“They have made a rather difficult series of novels possible on the stage which I think is quite an achievement because the Scotland Street series is very episodic and I would have thought it was very difficult to render it suitable for the stage but they have done it with wonderful acting. Everybody was just right I thought.”

Alexander McCall Smith

The script by American playwrights Sandy Burns and Lydia Bruce is not ashamed to paint with the author's same broad, primary-coloured brush; the comedy of middle-class manners is as gentle as his fans would expect. Cutting edge it is not, but the first-rate 11-strong cast ensure it is a tremendously heart-warming experience. It is a cynicism-free zone, featuring capital landmarks from Valvona & Crolla to the Fruitmarket Gallery and all the favourite characters from the book.

Mark Fisher, The Scotsman ****