In Transit



...there's something about the sharp interweaving of scenes and characters, the slow build-up of an effective narrative climax, the smartness of Mark Prebble's production, and the sheer quality of the acting, that promises a serious future for this impressive group of young Edinburgh-based professionals.

Joyce McMillan, Scotsman

...standout performance is Margaret Fraser’s bullish, intolerant and foul-mouthed business executive. Her appearances throughout the piece are memorable and – given they provide the main relief from some of the intensity of the other segments – always welcome.

Edinburgh Spotlight

Margaret Fraser plays Flo who is running away from her long-term institutional background....the performance rises up to the quality of the ideas and the writing.

Thom Dibdin, Annals of Edinburgh Stage

...most memorable is Margaret Fraser, who dissolves from a confused old dearie to an inventively foul-mouthed saleswoman through the magic of theatre -