The Barking House


The Barking House - Wilma Stark

Wilma’s play is a single-hander, looking at the life of an imagined woman who coped, increasingly grimly, with the constant, heavy work of the Barking House

Margaret Fraser made a wonderful job of the part. Working on a simple set that necessarily left much to the imagination, she added an immense amount to the script. Her memory of the joyous early days with [Angus], the love of her life, was brilliantly enacted, with no prop except the white shawl that she took from her shoulders and trailed in naughty temptation, then used to enfold them in the bliss of fulfilled love.

Alison Prince

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"Loved Margaret Fraser's Flora Mary - she lived the part"

"This was a mesmerising and complete theatrical experience..."

Audience feedback from "Storytelling Centre" 2012



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